“I can’t believe this was here all along”, thought a 22 year old me, on a surprisngly bright and clear February afternoon in Scotland’s West Highlands. I was standing on the Ballahulish Bridge, my eyes contently scanning the scenery from the glassy-still Loch Leven to the snow-topped Pap of Glencoe. 

I was on my assessment tour to become a tour guide for a popular youth tour operator, but I wasn’t like the other trainees; I’d never been north of Stirling, aside from when I was mini-me. This was  my intro to the lochs and the ‘bens’, my debut drive over the Rannoch Moor, my very first glimpse of Glencoe. 

I stood on that bridge inhaling the crisp winter air and knew that it was the start of something very special. 

Hello, I’m Kay. Can you believe I’d never travelled in my own country until that touching wee moment?

Nowadays when I’m not off on a Scottish adventure, I’m researching the next one, the one after that, and the one after that. I share my love of Scotland with anyone who will listen; I quite literally talk for Scotland.


Throughout my tour guiding career my poor passengers had no choice but to tune in – I had a microphone and a captive audience during all those scenic drives. These days I have a camera and The Chaotic Scot.

The Chaotic Scot was born in April 2013 after being inspired – and given a crash course on blogging/Twitter/Instagram – by the talented bloggers I met when helping to host the first ever #blogmanay. A Scottish travel blog ye say? Well that was a new year’s resolution I never saw coming!


I’ve since found my feet in the great bloggersphere, and have partnered up with Visit Scotland, the National Trust for Scotland, the Scots Magazine and CalMac ferries. I’ve established a tone of voice (slang and swearing inclusive) and have stopped over-saturating my photographs to the point they look fake. Phew!

I’m still living up to my ‘chaotic’ name however; I’m a consistent champion at forgetting things, losing myself and my things, sustaining injuries, and generally making an eejit of myself.

When you enter into the digital world of The Chaotic Scot, you can expect vibrant, high quality images, descriptions which will make you feel like you’re there, blurbs of history which transport you through the centuries, and sporadic attempts at humour.


I hope that my words and images will capture your eye and imagination.

My blog focuses on:

  • Food, oh how I love food – from delicious local produce to the perfect pie
  • Hillwalking and scenic strolls – if there’s an amazing view, I will find it and I will photograph it
  • Scottish Islands – my no.1 travel destination in the world
  • Unique accommodation – yurts, pods, lodges, cottages, castles, bothies and shephurds huts
  • Whisky – lightly peated and Sherry cask matured pleeeeeease


If Scotland has already stolen your heart, or you’re just like I was and haven’t seen much at all, you’ve come to the right place.

My mission is to inspire fellow Scots (and anyone else who wants to join the party) to put Scotland at the top of your travel wish-list, and to experience the very best of what our country has to offer. It’s time for you to have a “wee moment” too.

Slainte to that!

 p.s. If you’d like to work with me, don’t be shy – get in touch