Get your Freakshake on at Burgers and Beers

Who doesn’t love wrapping their jaw around a big tasty burger? When the craving overcomes you, nothing else with do. Luckily for us Edin-burgers, new burger joints regularly spring up across the city, from American style diners to gourmet burger restaurants.

Such choice can be overwhelming however, particularly when the menus all sound amazing and they each claim to have the best quality ingredients. To differentiate from their meaty competitors, a niche product or speciality is a must.

Something like a freakshake.


Burgers & Beers was already on my radar, and when I recently laid eyes on their new freakshake creations on my Facebook newsfeed, I knew my tastebuds would never forgive me if I didn’t arrange an introduction very soon.

By a stroke of luck, I was invited along to sample their meaty and milky delights, and write a review about my experience. Happy days.

The Setting.

Sitting on the cobbled Royal Mile with a view of St Giles Cathedral, Burgers & Beers is in a prime location for locals and tourists alike.

The interior is a modern mish-mash of patterned tiles, rustic wooden planks and exposed brickwork. Above the chorus of chatter from fellow diners, music shuffled between classic tunes from the 50s to the 80s, adding to the fun and relaxed atmosphere.

The Service.

Our waitress Jade was bubbly and attentive. She sensed our obvious indecisiveness and convinced us to order the beef chilli fries to accompany our burgers. Not that I needed much convincing!

She also helped us narrow down our choice of dipping sauces from the overwhelming number of options – hot BBQ and southwest mayo  were the winners.

Both the food and drinks were served promptly and with a smile.

Burgers & Beers Edinburgh

What we ordered.

The Joe Pesci Burger – “8oz beef patty, salami Milano, applewood smoked cheddar, lettuce, tomato & garlic mayonnaise. Served on a focaccia bun”

The Marcellus Wallace Burger – “8oz beef patty, Virginia sweet cured bacon, peanut butter, lettuce, tomato, Monterey jack cheese, onion & buffalo hot sauce. Served on a seeded brioche bun”

•Beef Chilli Cheese Fries

• 1 Creme egg and 1 ‘Get Minted’ freakshake

You can view the full menu on the Burgers & Beers website.

The Verdict.

There is a selection of 11 themed burgers to choose from, each sporting a thoughtful combination of toppings which bring together meats, cheeses, salad, sauces and fritters to create the perfect mouthful.

Even the choice of bun varies from burger to burger, carefully matched to suit the ingredients of each.

For those who are partial to a “can I have it with extra/without… ?” there is the option to ‘build your own bad boy burger’ with any of the toppings, buns and sauces featured in the main menu. A life saver for fusspots and those who know exactly what they like.

Burgers & Beers

Marcellus Wallace Burger

Myself and the Mr cut each burger in half to share (cute eh?) and were both immediately pleased with our choices. The burgers were tasty and juicy, without a soggy bun in sight.

Burgers & Beers

Joe and Marcellus

The toppings were generous and added great flavour to the burgers, and miraculously didn’t end up all over my hands and the serving board.

The highlights for me were the perfect matching of bacon and peanut butter on the Marcellus Wallace, and the applewood smoked cheddar on the Joe Pesci.

Burgers & Beers

Beef chilli cheese fries

Our choice of side also went down a treat, each forkful of fries heavy with a layer of chilli and gooey cheese. We requested jalapeños on top too, just for that extra kick.

Next, the eagerly anticipated freakshakes.


When brought to the table, they had the same effect as sizzling plates or desserts with sparklers – everyone turned round for a nosey. One diner even shouted over,

“What the hell is that? Does is have booze in it?”.

If you are wondering the same thing, ours weren’t alcoholic but you can pay extra for a cheeky shot of booze.

We both found the creme egg shake to be quite sickly, but my minty one was everything I wanted it to be. I loved the cream on top and the wee pieces of mint Aero I found at the bottom. Yum!


Final Thoughts.

Burgers & Beers is definitely somewhere I would return to for an informal date or with a group of friends. I would happily order the same things again, but that would be a bit boring!

I’m keen to try the Mac Attack or Frying Scotsman burger next time; one has a mac ‘n’ cheese fritter on top, the other a haggis fritter. The only reason I didn’t on this visit, is that I was worried it would be too filling and would kill my freakshake buzz.

The prices are reflective of the quality and the location – you’re looking at around £20 per head. If you’re a burger and/or milkshake fan, Burgers & Beers is a must visit!


I was invited to enjoy a complimentary meal at Burgers & Beers in exchange for a review. As always my opinions are my own – the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.



  • The photo of the freakshakes stopped me in my tracks on your Facebook page! WOW….

    I have walked passed this place several times and it always looks busy. I can see why now. I think I would need to go with someone else who would order one of the shakes thought. My Dude doesn’t do sweet things and might feel really bad troughing one of these on my own!!

    Sounds like a great atmosphere in there too which is always good.

    • Kay says:

      They definitely catch your eye don’t they? I had exactly the same reaction when I first spied them in my Facebook newsfeed!

      Oh I’m sure you can convince your other half to accompany you – he can have a coffee or a beer while you indulge?

      It was a really nice atmosphere and service – very happy to recommend it 🙂

  • Boy does that burger look delicious! And that shake, Just mouth watering, it would be cruel for my tastebuds not to try! I will be making a stop here very soon! I’ve been looking into checking out a few locations such as the botanic gardens in Edinburgh if you have ever been? I will be sure to stop here along the way!

    • Kay says:

      Thanks for your comment Shannon ☺️ The burgers and shakes were SO good. I would definitely recommend stopping in here to fuel your walk down to the Botanic Gardens. The gardens are so lovely – I’ve been visiting regularly since I was wee!

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