In Pictures: Edinburgh’s Seaside

Edinburgh, Portobello Beach, Scotland

No matter where you are the world, a walk by the sea is one of life’s greatest and most underrated simple pleasures. Even in chilly Edinburgh. 

It should be categorised as an ‘Alternative Therapy’ for stress or worry, where natural remedies are the smell of salt and seaweed carried by the breeze, the lullaby sound of the waves and a view of infinite blue.

These sights, sounds and smells are often reminiscent of past days spent by the sea; on visits to the seaside as a child, on foreign holidays or if you’re lucky enough, right on your doorstep!

This is exactly why, with the recent appearance of some spring sunshine, I have started to regularly indulge in said pleasure and escape to the Edinburgh’s seaside for a walk which begins 10 minutes from my house at none other than… the Edinburgh’s Sewage Works! Lovely.

Well it can only get better from there, and it does.

Here’s a sequence of snaps from the 4 mile walk along the promenade from Seafield to Musselburgh…


Edinburgh, Portobello

I could sit and watch dogs play in the sea all day


The classic, tacky amusements at Portobello complete with a wee puddle of dog piss on the right


Yes, Wimpy does still exist!


Aptly named ‘The Tower’ – built in the 18th century as a holiday home for a lawyer. It is now owned by the amusements featured above



Supplementing the sound of the sea, this wee man is ALWAYS perched there playing away and smiling sweetly at passers by


Edinburgh Seaside, Portobello, Joppa

Grab a seat with a view at the end of the promenade between Seafield and Joppa


A view of Musselburgh in the distance from the harbour wall


My walk concludes at Fisherrow Harbour, where lines of little boats are beached from the absence of the tide


The End.



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