Ochils Edge Glamping: The Ultimate Room with a View

Ochils Edge Glamping

The lack of daylight hours in the Scottish winter are seriously detrimental to my energy levels and ability to drag myself out of bed in the morning.

You know what I’m talking about – that moment when your eyelids lever themselves open to be met with an impenetrable darkness. Convinced you’re still way within the realms of your designated sleeping time, you’re ready to burrow back beneath the comfortable confines of your duvet, cosy and protected from the reality of the forthcoming day.

Lies, it’s all lies. Deceived by the dark, you glance at your phone to be met with an unimaginable horror.


Unfortunately, this is a regular ritual throughout the working week, in the months where daylight hides from our mornings and nights. The weekends however…


On a recent weekend trip up north I did exactly that, right up until the backside of the am. When I finally decided to grace the day with my awakening, I was met with the most pleasing view.


The shepherds hut accommodation was placed perfectly on top of a Perthshire hill, with a window as wide as the room itself.

This is Ochils Edge Glamping. In a nutshell, it is a room with a view. 


The closest village is the little known Forgandenny, sitting just outside the city of Perth. Finding the exact location was a scenic adventure, a countryside roller coaster of dips, peaks and tight corners.

The key selling point of this particular accommodation has to be its elevated position, and supersized window to appreciate the panorama of rolling hills, scattered with tall trees and flocks of sheep.



You’re perhaps wondering how it is you reach the wee shepherd’s hut at the summit of said hill. On arrival, our host Jared drove us in his much needed 4×4 to our perch for the night. Our journeys after that would have to be done alone and on foot *GULP*. We ventured out that evening to the Enchanted Forest in Pitlochry and on our return began our ascent up the dark hill. It was an entertaining escapade with torches and questionable coordination, all part of the experience of course!

Once back inside, we illuminated the room with fairy lights, candles and flickering wood burning stove. Cosy and comfortable with a clear view of the night’s sky.


Would you like to wake up to a view like this?


 Quick Tips for staying at Ochils Edge Glamping:

  • I booked through airbnb for the bargain price of £50 per night.
  • I would advise contacting the hosts for directions BEFORE you set off – Google Maps is not to be trusted on this occasion!
  • Being at the top of a hill and all, there are no sanitary systems as we know it. Instead you will find a dry composting toilet, covered by a tent-like structure to preserve your modesty.
  • Make sure you pick up all necessary snacks and ingredients for meals (there is camping cooking equipment and utensils) as the nearest supermarket is a walk down the hill, and a 20 minute drive away.
  • Set aside a generous amount of time in the morning to stay snuggled in the bed and enjoy the view. 


What did I like most about staying here?

My favourite feature of this glamping site was the massive window – we could see so far out, yet no one could see in. It was great value and a winner location wise; picturesque scenery and completely ‘away from it all’.


  • EdinBlogger says:

    Lovely photos, it sounds like an incredible place to stay.

    Definately adding that to our to do list.

  • Aileen says:

    My friends have tried glamping before and with your post now, I am convinced that it’s worth a try! Lovely photos too! Conventional camping is cool but taking it to the next level is appealing too!

    By the way, hello! I am Aileen 🙂 I was just blog hopping and stumbled into yours.

    • Kay says:

      Hi Aileen,

      Aw, glamping is definitely the way forward. I’ve got a list of glamping options for next year, so watch this space for more reviews. Some of the places are just so quirky and cute, it’s such a change from boring, sterile hotels.

      Thanks for dropping by and happy glamping to you 😀

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